Meet Sima
The talent behind the reputation


A qualified expert on personal as well as corporate image management & acclaimed trainer for soft skills. She excels in striking the right cord and pumping positive approach. She advises you on what works, what doesn’t, how, when, when and the unknow!

A precisionist & perfectionist in all sort of work area thus makes the journey to create a striking persona seamless. Her plethora of knowledge speaks more factual with experience.

The mix of experience, dynamism, and enthusiasm towards all creative process of building an image or art keeps her high. Creativity and Innovation & Curiosity to explore defines her! A business visionary, speaker, giver & abiding hopeful buoyant dedicated yo empowering individuals. to bring out their strength and serving the world with sheer awesomeness!


Having lived her life to its fullest with her ups & down now says ‘I AM MY CELEBRATION’with the ‘LIFE’ as her guru, mentor, guide, teacher.

What could be better than that, life teaches u to fall & stand up high again. SIMA comes out with such essence to share.

A unique qualification to embrace & a joyful transformation one can experience it.

Change your Persona with the best!

Sima believes in the art & the science of guiding individuals & companies to manage their image & create a powerful & positive first impression. She believed in helping you create the perfect first impression based on visual messages which comprise more than 80% of any communication any message. We all carry certain skills, abilities & experience but the people we meet often judge us by what meets the eye. People form opinions about us within seconds of meeting us. Today managing a powerful first impression is a need rather than just a want, those neglecting their image will simply be left behind.

Sima guides people in managing their appearance to create a winning impression, also coaches individuals on developing their presentation & soft skills to help them become a powerful personal brand. Sima provides on one on & group coaching fusion on image management, and is also hired by companies for training their employees, conducting image audits, uniform design, image management policy, etc, Fashion brands also frequently hire her for styling services.


  • Business Head – Sima Image Management Association – SIMA.Mumbai.
  • Vice President at (USA) – 20 Years
  • Co-founder at Ashana Reality Corp (USA) – 15 Years
  • Renowned member of BNI – Business Network International, Mumbai
  • Renowned member of IMPA – Image Management Professionals Association. INDIA.
  • AICP – Association of Image Consultants International USA
  • British School of Etiquette – UK.
  • Certified Sabina Merchant Master Class.Mumbai
  • Certified Bobby Brown Master Stroke Class. Mumbai
  • Certified Image Management Consultant, ICBI, Mumbai
  • Certified Soft Skills Trainer, ICBI, Mumbai
  • Certified in Film Editing, Mumbai
  • Certified in Graphic Art, Mumbai
  • Certified NIIT, Bangalore
  • Graduation Bangalore University,
  • Numerologist. Mumbai
  • Aspiring Healer, Mumbai, UAE