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Finding the Right fit for Your Body
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All Figures Are Not Created Equal

Guidelines for a Fabulous Fit

Fit begins when you select a garment style. If the garment style doesn’t accommodate your figure type in the first place, you have little chance to achieve a fabulous fit.

If the garment style does accommodate your figure type, it will likely flow easily over larger body areas for a fabulous fit—and possibly without alteration or only minimal alteration. Styles that accommodate usually feature some design ease or added fullness in larger body areas.

Moving beyond “Quick-Fit™” styles or silhouettes to “Smart-Fit™” and “Alternative-Fit™” styles become an attractive option when carefully selected with design details to balance the figure and if altered to include enough ease in larger body areas. This takes you to a new level of learning.

Save yourself time and frustration. Avoid those wardrobe orphans that hang in so many closets, unloved and unworn—a waste of precious time, money, and effort. Learn to recognize the garment style or silhouette that matches most nearly your general figure type. This will be your “Quick-Fit” style, most likely to accommodate your figure type and generally without alteration. Remember, appropriate fitting ease is essential, so as not to expose your body. The garment silhouette should be dominant and your body silhouette subordinate.

Figure Evaluation

Recommended Style Lines & Shapes for Figure Type — Side to Side
Differing Degrees of Fit and Ease Amounts

Figure Type

Ideal | Triangular | Inverted Triangle | Rectangular | Hourglass | Diamond | Tubular | Rounded High Waist | Low Waist

Countering Technique for these body types

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Styles That Accommodate Your Figure During Weight Gain or Loss