Grooming – Make-up & Cosmetics


1. Apply Foundation

First and foremost in any kind of make-up is usually the foundation. But it is of no use if you don’t put it in the right way. See, you should dab it in four spots on the different areas of your face. Blending it with a brush is very essential then. Using the brush, you should blend the foundation back and forth. Then coming to the cheeks, you should brush in the downward direction taking it away from the center of your face. Lastly, blend on the chin the way you blend on the forehead back and forth. Well, if you are confused about which foundation you should buy and what would suit your skin type, then you may check Nykaa offers which come with a wide range of products for you.

2. Blending well the concealer

Concealer shouldn’t be left thick on your skin. It must be blended well. For that, you may add a drop of moisturizer on the brush before putting it in the concealer. It would help in giving you a smooth finish on the face. Concealer should be dabbed well under the eyes where the dark circles are. You may dab it around 4 times and then blend and smoothen it with the help of a brush. It is said that using your finger helps in blending it better. So, you must lightly dab under the eyes with your finger as well.

3. Apply powder with a right brush

Powder should be applied after the concealer. Using the right brush is very important in that case. You may Nykaa coupons and get a perfect brush for you. Powder can’t be applied here and there just like that. There is a particular way of applying it. Whenever you are applying powder, make sure you are doing it in circular motions to spread it well on your face.

4. How to use bronzer

Most of the women don’t really know how to use a bronzer in the best way. Again, the right brush is a must in this as well. A large fluffy brush should be used for applying it. Contouring should be avoided during the day. It is recommended for the
parties or stage appearances at the night time. Wondering, how you should put it then? See, first, the brush should be swirled in the bronzer and tapped a little. Starting with your cheeks, you should sweep it up and down, from the outer side to the center. The same should be done on the forehead, chin, and even neck.

5. Blush on

Blush on is a must for your make up. I need not mention that using the right brush is crucial for applying blush as well. Some make-up artists prefer to use a dense and fluffy kind of a brush for the blush on. You may go for different colors according to your skin tone. You have to see what goes well with you. There are some women who love the shades and tones of peach while some prefer pretty pink. Petal pink is a beautiful shade too. Now how to apply it? For that, you have to smile and then apply on the cheeks going in the upward direction.

6. Eyes and Lips

In everyday routine, the bone-colored shadow could be used on eyelids. After applying that, a denser brush should be used to dab in another color, say toupee. It should be applied to go in an upward way on the lids up to the crease. Then, there comes the eyeliner and mascara. For lips, light pink lipstick can be combined with coral gloss. You may also use any other shade you prefer.



Why is grooming so important if you want to get ahead in life?
It’s simple.
As society developed we learned to groom ourselves…and this means grooming is an automatic sign of class, intelligence and sophistication. Good grooming also shows you’re a capable person who is trustworthy and worth having around. Ultimately, it sends a message to the world that you should be taken seriously……and creates an immediate impression in the minds of the people you meet every day. It influences your relationship with them……and can be used to create a powerful image which draws people to you. This is why good grooming can open doors which would otherwise be closed.

Think about it:

When you’re clean and well groomed you feel good about yourself. This affects the way you interact with other people and how they feel about you. On the other hand, if you’re not properly groomed, you feel bad about yourself and leave a bad impression on the minds of the people you meet. But very few men realize this which and most tend to neglect their grooming And even guys who do groom themselves usually aren’t doing it right and don’t know any better. But proper grooming is easy to learn. Not only that, you’ll be shocked at the difference a few small tweaks can make in your appearance. And if you want to get the most out of life you need to learn how to correctly groom yourself. The grooming game is fun, and if done properly, beneficial in the long run. Carry the perfect hair, beard, face and skin with confidence, and you will score gold.

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