Wardrobe Management & Cluster Planning


  • You Will Get so you know exactly where to find every garment in your closet.
  • When you want or need to feel and appear more authoritative, knowledgeable, and capable, you will reach to the higher authority side of the cluster and garment group.
  • When you want or need to feel and appear more approachable, relaxed, and friendly, you will reach to the lower authority more approachable side of the cluster or garment group.
  • You will get so you can match or mix the actual garments, their mood or message to help you achieve your purpose or goal.

Smart Shopping Skills - Benefits

Smart Shopping Skills will – 

  • Keep you on target.
  • Simplify the shopping process
  • Save you time and money
  • Allow you to avoid the accumulation of  “wardrobe orphans”
  • Help you discover stores that cater to your clothing needs / personal style.